Historic Medora ND - North Dakota's #1 Destination

The Seven Museums of Medora

Visitors to Historic Medora will be able to experience the history, heritage and culture of a community that has been a home to the iconic American cowboy and the 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt.

Despite a permanent population that hovers close to 100, Historic Medora is the home to seven museums, which all celebrate the life of President Roosevelt, the American cowboy and the settlement of Billings County.

The museums are part of the City of Medora and the Billings County Historical Society to protect, preserve and promote the heritage tourism. The two entities have shared ideas and energy to give visitors close up view of a people from various ethnic backgrounds who settled amidst one of the North Dakota’s treasures—the North Dakota badlands.

            The seven museums and information on each of them is as follows:           


            •• Billings County Museum, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, served as the Billings County Courthouse for nearly a century. Contact information: email, bcm@midstate.net; phone, 701-623-4829; website, http://www.billingscountymuseum.com

            •• The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame, Center of Western Heritage and Cultures: Native American, Ranching and Rodeo was the 2007 recipient of the “Tourist Attraction of the Year” award from the North Dakota Tourism Department. Contact information: email, ndchf@midstate.net; phone, 701-623-2000; website, http://www.northdakotacowboy.com

            •• Chateau de Mores State Historic Site included a new interpretive center in 2009. The 26-room Chateau has been refurbished to its original splendor of yesteryear. Interpreters are positioned throughout the Chateau to help. Contact information: phone, 701-623-4355; website, http://www.history.nd.gov/historicsites/chateau/

            •• Von Hoffman House is the historic home built by the Marquis de Mores for Medora’s parents, the von Hoffmans. This house was built in 1884 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Contact information: web address, www.medora.com; phone 1-800-MEDORA-1 (1-800-633-6721); website, http://www.medora.com/what-to-do/?Von-Hoffman-House-

            •• Harold Schafer Heritage Center recollects the life and commitment of Harold Schafer to Medora and North Dakota. Contact information: web address, www.medora.com; phone 1-800-MEDORA-1 (1-800-633-6721); website, http://www.medora.com/what-to-do/?Harold-Schafer-Heritage-Center

            •• Theodore Roosevelt National Park Visitor Center Museum is in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park Visitor Center. The display area is filled with artifacts dealing with Theodore Roosevelt and his time in North Dakota. The Maltese Cross cabin, is also located on the grounds at the TRNP Visitor Center. Contact information: web address, www.nps.gov/thro; phone 701-623-4466; website, http://www.nps.gov/thro/planyourvisit/visitorcenters.htm

            •• Transportation Museum is located at the Bully Pulpit Golf Course. The museum interprets Theodore Roosevelt’s involvement in the building of the Panama Canal. Contact information: web address, www.medora.com; phone 1-800-MEDORA-1 (1-800-633-6721); website,